Fair Launch, No Pre-sale, No Pre-mine
Farming will start at block #7920000. You can view the block countdown on BscScan.
  • Farming Start Block: #7920000
  • Estimated Target Date: Tuesday, June 1st, 2021, 5:31:10 AM UTC
  • No Pre-sale
  • 250 000 KETCHUP minted (150 000 for LP BNB and BUSD, 100 000 for Rewards, Airdrop, Twitter Contests and Burn)
  • PancakeSwap liquidity will be added and locked
  • Emission Rate: 100 KETCHUP/block
Before farming starts, you can deposit your tokens to any farms or pools in advance. But there will be no farming rewards until the start.
There is no pre-sale. You can only buy KETCHUP tokens at the start of farming
Last modified 11mo ago
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